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Anti- Corruption in Iraq Challenges for Transparency and Accountability
Chibli Mallat ed.





Hiram Chodosh, Global Justice Project: Iraq, 2010

Islam and Federalism
Sayyed Hasan Bahr al-'Ulum, Global Justice Project: Iraq, 2010
Preface by Chibli Mallat



Iraq: Guide to Law and Policy
Chibli Mallat (Aspen Elective Series, 2009)

Tamer Mallat
Collection de Poèmes inédits






out of commerce edition

Guide to the Iraqi Constitution
Index - Preface
Chibli Mallat, Global Justice Project: Iraq, 2009


Introduction to Middle Eastern Law
Contents - Index
Chibli Mallat, Oxford, 2007
Paperback edition 2009

Dossier sur la Philosophie du droit
Chibli Mallat, 2008

L'Islande et le Liban: Antipodes de l'UE
Chibli Mallat and David Thor Björgvinsson, 2008

From Baghdad to Beirut
Edited by Leslie Tramontini and Chibli Mallat, 2007

Books from the Campaign "Chibli Mallat for president"
Index - Introduction
Wajdi Mallat, 2005


Aventures à Beyrouth
Tamer and Chibli Mallat
, 1997





         Out of commerce
         Out of Print

Democracy in America
Introduction by Ghassan Tueini
Chbli Mallat, 1999

Ahkam - Judgments
Tamer Mallat, 1999

out of commerce edition

Chibli Mallat: Poet of the Cedars
Wajdi Mallat, 1998

Presidential Choices: Challenges of the Millenium
Chibli Mallat, 1998

March 2221
Lebanon's Cedar Revolution

An essay on non-violence and justice
Al-sanabel lahum wal-alwan
Therese Aoun, 1998
Diwan al-Mallat
Tamer and Chibli Mallat, 1925







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