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Mallat Law Firm was founded in 1949 by Wajdi Mallat, a former minister and president of the Beirut bar. The firm has an established history in several areas of litigation. Upon its founder's election in 1993 to the presidency of the newly formed Lebanese Constitutional Council, his son Chibli, then tenured full-time academic in the law department of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and Director of its Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, took over as principal. Professor Chibli Mallat was appointed in 2001 EU Jean Monnet Chair of European Law and Director of the Centre for the Study of the European Union at the University of Saint Joseph, Beirut, and in 2009 SJ Quinney Presidential Professor of Law and Professor of Law and Politics of the Middle East at the University of Utah. He has since retired as Presidential Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Utah.

While litigation, negotiation and corporate work remain a strength of the firm, a new emphasis wasdeveloped in the realm of international law consultancy and litigation. The firm is a leader in international criminal law, in the laws of the Middle East, and in European law. Prof Mallat has appeared as legal expert in celebratedcommercial and human rights cases before common law juridictions. He acted as pro hac vice in US federal courts, the Belgian Court of Cassation, and the Jordanian family case. Mallat Law Offices helped established the Middle East regional office of Amnesty Internation in 1999, and has been its legal advisor since.

Lawyers at the Firm

Wajdi Mallat (1919-2010), Founder


Chibli Mallat, Principal Counsel



In 2005-6, Prof Mallat ran an unprecedented campaign in the Middle East as candidate to the presidency of Lebanon. It was saluted as an unprecedented grass-roots open presidential campaign, unprecedented in the Middle East in major media outlets in the world. A select record is available at:

Presidential Campaign 2005-2006

A first in the region, the Lebanese Daily Star featured in 2009-2010 a weekly lawpage, under hiseditorship, including case commentary, articles and interviews, including contributions from Noam Chomsky and Owen Fiss

Daily Star Law Page  


Husam el-Helou
Thérèse Aoun
Samir Doumit
Rita Boutros 

Former associates and trainees

Andrew Allen K.C.
Sandra Noujeim 
Fouad Atallah
Chafic Rahi

Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

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